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Escape From Eden was named a double finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - the First Novel category and the Religious Fiction category.

Published by - Margaret Street Publishing
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Title: Escape From Eden
Author: Michelle MacKinnon
Genre: Fiction - Adult
ISBN: 978-0-473-14187-5
Barcode: 9780473141875
Size: A5
Extent: 206 pages
Price: $29.95 plus postage
Publication date: 31.10.08
Print run: first edition 1000 Zenith Print, NZ 2008.Second edition - 1000 by Everbest Printing Co. Hong Kong 2009. 

Target Market: General. For the thousands of readers who would like to look behind the veil into the hidden world of an exclusive religious group, this book will open the door and give them a taste. The setting and the characters are imagined, but the romance and the tragedy woven throughout the story have the ring of truth.

Marketing Support: For some years Michelle MacKinnon was involved with religious groups that had similarities to the Eden community. She has taken snippets from her own experience and those of others, added a good dose of imagination, and crafted a novel that reflects some of the difficulties people in that lifestyle face when they decide to question or leave.

Back Cover Blurb:

How does a person know if what they believe is really the truth? What would make a person question their faith and turn their back on everything they know?

Escape from Eden is the story of how two young people, growing up in an exclusive religious community, face those questions. They realise that if they want to be together, they will have to leave the community, their families, and the life they have known. The fear of leaving Eden and living in the ‘world’ amongst ‘sinners’ is weighed against the fear of staying and having to marry someone other than each other. Someone chosen for them by the Elders.

On her deathbed, Charity Goodman remembers her life on Eden’s farm and her struggle to obey without question the strict doctrines imposed by the Elders. She shares her thoughts and fears, and describes her escape and the difficulties she faced coping in the outside world. It is an emotional account of loss, personal suffering, and injustice, balanced with love and adjustment to a foreign lifestyle.

This novel was written as part of Michelle's work towards her Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing and is recommended by Daphne Clair de Jong, multi-published worldwide author, past winner of the Katherine Mansfield BNZ Short Story Award and other awards.

In Daphne’s own words: “A riveting story with a ring of authenticity. This book gives unique insight into the intimate day-to-day life of a closed religious community. What happens when a member leaves for life in the “real world” is explored with rare understanding.”

Book launch and sales - approx 80 people attended 7pm 13th November 2008, Take Note Feilding, 9 Goodbehere Street, Feilding, NZ.

Copies of the book are available from all NZ Paper Plus and Take Note stores, Library Suppliers as well as  independent bookstores.

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